Donate your clunker car or boat to Cars4Causes and OCPoundhounds, as a recognized non-profit 501(c)[3] organization can classify the donation as a tax write-off, allowing you a car donation tax break!  Everyone wins the OCPoundHounds and You!

Help support OC Poundhounds when you shop at Ralphs. You can select our charity by logging on to your account at www.ralphs.com and under community programmes, select OC Poundhounds (number #91573) as your favourite non-profit! Shop and help out our shelter rescues!  Participant Registration for the new terms begins SEPTEMBER 1st .  If you have never registered, or have previously registered to support OCPoundhounds, you will need to re-register now so we can receive your Community Reward contributions.

Click on the Ralph’s logo to get to the Sign Up page to select our rescue.

Brian has been grooming in Orange, CA for 10+ years – in fact his grooming skills have been passed down in the family!! Brian has been excellent in the grooming of our OCPoundhounds and making them feel like new dogs after their sentence in the shelter system. Thank you, Brian!

Pet ID Tags

Pet tags, military dog tags and license frames, customized!

Visit GoTags.com for great deals on customized pet and id tags.
Over 83% of pets that get lost end up in shelters never reunited with their Owners, due to no pet tags and out-of-date microchip information.  Only 17% ever make it home, so the first line of defense is making sure you dog and/or cat is wearing a pet ID tag.  Gotags.com is one of the most cost-effective site to purchase a couple of tags to put on a collar, harness and leash.

A PET TAG is the LEAST EXPENSIVE & MOST EFFECTIVE form of pet identification.

  • Keep the pet tag current with your correct address and phone number. An incorrect pet id tag is like having no pet tag at all;
  • If you are often away from home, put your vet, groomer, neighbor, or a relative’s number on the pet tag as well;
  • If you are moving, it’s a good idea to get your new pet id tag early and have both addresses on the pet tag while you move.
  • DON’T FORGET YOUR CAT! Animal Shelter workers say only about 2% of incoming cats have pet tags. Be sure to ID your cat with a pet tag on a break-away or stretch collar, and replace them if your cat loses them. It’s a small cost to insure your cat isn’t destroyed in a shelter.

Remember, if someone finds your pet and it is not wearing a collar and pet tag, they may think it is a stray and keep him/her.