Volunteering & Fostering

FOSTERING A OC POUNDHOUND Assistance giving our dogs a temp home before they find their forever home… More Info

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to assist OCPoundHounds at various Meet & Greet adoption events!

The following Volunteers would Be Gratefully Appreciated:

PHOTOGRAPHER: If you are talented in capturing the personalities of dogs, or have expensive camera equipment and want to start photography we have doggy models lining up for a photo shoot.!  Especially critical is getting photos of our black, or black masked dogs, who do not shine in front of a regular camera.  A good photo helps a dog get adopted…..

LOCAL TRANSPORTERS – In this role the volunteer would be responsible for picking up a foster dog from its foster home and delivering it to a scheduled Meet & Greet event.  Our foster dogs are local and within a 20 mile radius of the Meet & Greet.  The foster dog would need to arrive for 11:30 a.m. and would need to be returned to his foster home after the end of the event, which is normally 2:30 p.m.

CUDDLERS: We need Volunteers to hold our dogs while at Meet & Greet Events, make sure there is water in the water bowls and generally spend cuddle time with them.  In addition, making sure they get their facility breaks!!

Due to our insurance you will need to be over the age of 25 to work a Meet & Greet event and be willing tos sign a Waiver of Liability.

RESCUE TRANSPORTERS: We also have a need for Volunteers Transporters to pick up and transport dogs to which we have committed to rescue from the shelters we pull dogs from such as Downey, Baldwin Park, Ventura, Wasco, Delano and Kern County to our foster homes in Orange County, CA.

ARTS / DESIGN / CRAFT VOLUNTEERS: If you are artsy, crafty or graphically inclined we would love to use your talents making tri-fold poster boards, adoption flyers,  event notice handouts and e-newsletter templates.  Any web based design/website ideas would be very well received using PhotoShop or other web-based sharing software.

FUNDRAISERS: We are not the most outgoing personalities at OCPoundhounds currently, so we would love the guidance of an outgoing Marketing or Sales Professional to take us under their wing and assist us with fund raising events and ideas.  We are a recognized non-profit charity so perhaps an annual fundraiser or something more simple would be great.  Ideas welcome!!