In February 2011, a foster for the rescue refused to return  our two rescue  dogs, Dante (renamed to Carmello by the Foster) and Gordie ( renamed by the Foster to Lucky ).  The Foster claims the dog named Dante ran away when taken out of state to New York and the other dog named Gordie died, whereas his remains were dropped off at the Orange County Animal Care and Control.  No paperwork was produced to back up any of these claims that were made in court.

If you see either Dante and/or Gordie, please help them come back to the safety of our rescue, where they will receive much needed medical attention and nutrition. The Foster commented that the dogs were thin (even though their food was consistently delivered and other needs covered by PetCo gift cards ) and not to be shocked when we were making arrangements for the dogs to have some routine veterinary care.   We just want Dante and Gordie returned.  If you know anything of our dogs, please either contact us or our Attorney Robert Newman at (714) 542-7600