Our Core Volunteers

Michele S.


Michele officially founded OCPoundhounds Small Breed Rescue in 2005, after adopting her first “poundhound” and seeing the need for aggressive spay and neuter education, and adoption versus buying from Backyard Breeders and Pet Shops secured through puppy mills, Craigslist and the Pennysaver. Michele brings with her 5 years of veterinary technician volunteer work and 15+ years in Human Resource Recruitment, Placement and Administration.  Her breeds of choice and knowledge are Chihuahuas, Papillons, Pomeranians, Japanese Chins, Hairless Breeds (Peruvian Inca Orchids, Chinese Crested, Xolo’s) and Italian Greyhounds.

Patricia S. & Johnny Walker

Patricia volunteered on the Board of OCPoundhounds as our Foster and Adoption Coordinator for over 2 years before her untimely passing. Patricia brought with her 15+ years of non-profit and small business administration experience, as well as a lifetime of dog experience. Patricia specialized in training service dogs, of which Johnny Walker, her long-haired chihuahua, proudly wore his service cape. Izzy was in training as a Service Mobility Dog.

In Memory of an Integral and Valued Member of the OCPoundhounds Team and a Great Friend 1st February 1950 – 7th August, 2009

Jen R

Board Member


Jen joined OCPoundhounds originally as a foster Mum in 2008 and then transformed in to a Board Member and training resource in 2009.  Jen brings with her a warm, bubbly personality and 10+ years of positive dog training.  She is an Accredited Pet Dog Trainer,  APDT Member, and follows the principles of Positive Reinforcement Methods for All Levels.  Jen’s experience is invaluable for evaluating our potential rescues at the shelters and working on behaviours such as separation anxiety, house breaking, introducing cats and dogs and general socialization.  Her breed of choice is Poodles, Xolo’s PIO’s (Peruvian Inca Orchids) and other Hairless breeds.  Jen is available for private dog training consultations and dog behaviour evaluations.  In her other life Jen is a Behavioural Therapist for the Orange County School system where she works with children with autism.  Jen can be reached at jen@ocpoundhounds.com

Myrna B
Board Treasurer


Myrna volunteers on the Board of OCPoundhounds as a Board Member and Treasurer.   Myrna shares with The Board a dry sense of humor, common sense and many years of human insight from her years in HR Recruitment, Placement and Management career.  Myrna’s species of choice are cats!

Audrey S.

Huey for Sherrif

Audrey volunteers on the Board as our primary Home Check facilitator and Transporter collecting and delivering our rescues from the various shelters in the Southern CA area.  Audrey knows the area like the back of her hand being as she is in the real estate market.  She is an invaluable member of our Board as also an outreach member in to the community heavily sponsoring our spay and neuter programme for both dogs and cats.