Vaccinations & Their Associated Dangers

Simply put, there is almost never a need for booster immunization.

Once immunized, a dog, as with humans, is protected for life. Further vaccinations do not improve the immunity.  If you are still vaccinating yearly, or even three-yearly all you are doing is making your Vet wealthy by not only paying for unnecessary vaccines, but all the after effects that these vaccines cause (skin issues, cancer, tumors, etc.).  We strongly advocate titering to check immunity levels versus just a quick injection.  Avoid ANY Vet who is willing to give vaccines when the pet is not well, having surgery or generally going under anesthesia.YOU are your dog’s health guardian.  Always, always, question and do not just follow without doing your research.  Ask for 24 hours to think about it and if pressured by the veterinarian, or their staff, leave and find another Vet.

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Small & Medium Dogs Vaccine Dangers

Rabies Vaccine Dangers

The following quote, from Ron Schultz, Ph.D., and Tom Phillips, DVM, appeared in Current Veterinary Therapy XI in 1992 (This is a purely conventional textbook, and Drs. Schultz and Phillips are respected Veterinary Immunologists in the academic community):

“A practice that was started many years ago and that lacks scientific validity or verification is annual re-vaccinations.  Almost without exception there is no immunologic requirement for annual re-vaccination.  Immunity to viruses persists for years or for the life of the animal. Successful vaccination to most bacterial pathogens produces an immunologic memory that remains for years, allowing an animal to develop a protective anamnestic (secondary) response when exposed to virulent organisms.  Only the immune response to toxins requires boosters (e.g. tetanus toxin booster, in humans, is recommended once every 7-10 years), and no toxin vaccines are currently used for dogs. Furthermore, revaccination with most viral vaccines fails to stimulate an anamnestic (secondary) response as a result of interference by existing antibody (similar to maternal antibody interference).

The practice of annual vaccination in our opinion should be considered of questionable efficacy unless it is used as a mechanism to provide an annual physical examination or is required by law (i.e., certain states require annual re-vaccination for rabies). (Italics added)

In essence, Drs. Schultz and Phillips are stating that the only reasons for annual vaccination are legal (as with rabies vaccination) or as a means of manipulating guardians into bringing their companions for examinations (rather than simply recommending an examination). They also clearly state that booster vaccines provide no other benefit, including improved or added immunization.

Ask your Veterinarian about titering your dog to determine if their current vaccine protection is adequate before just blindly pumping more vaccine in to your dog and affecting its immune system.

Veterinarians that will provide Distemper and Rabies titers in Orange County are as follows:

Dr. W Jean Dodds, DVM and Dr. Robert Woods

(714) 891-2022 

11561 Salinaz Avenue, Garden Grove, CA 92843

hemopet@hotmail com