2012 Alumni Members

Rosalita Border

Rosalita, a pure breed Chihuahua was an Owner Surrender to our rescue.  With her laid back, loving personality she easily won over many hearts and is now happily living in Anaheim as a cherished companion to a wonderful retired Lady who dotes on Rosalita’s gentle, loving disposition.

Tyke Border

Tyke was surrendered to our rescue by his Owners who were victims of foreclosure.  This happy, Terrier X Dachshund blend was quickly adopted due to his loving, gentle nature by a previous OCPoundhound Adopter who lost her 2006 adopted OCpoundhound to prostrate cancer over  the 2012 Thanksgiving holidays.

Lily Border

Lily, rescued from the San Bernardino City shelter, was adopted by a very compassionate Min Pin lover who was willing to open her heart and home to this super sweet senior.  Lily was aged at about 12+ years by our Vet and although suffering with arthritis and cataracts she still loves life and enjoys sun bathing in her small garden in Northern CA.  Bless those who love the seniors!

Gypsy Border

Gypsy, a blue merle Chi-Weenie (Chihuahua X Dachshund blend) was rescued from the Carson shelter and resided with our rescue for 16+ months before she finally secured her furever home with an amazing family who just love her quirky nature to bits!!  It is a match made in heaven for Gypsy!

Panda Border

Panda, a Taco Terrier (Rat Terrier X Chihuahua blend) is now named Lola.  She was rescued from the Carson shelter when she was just a few hours old with her Mother Pippa, is now in her furever home in Temecula where she is much loved and in return is keeping her Pet Parents entertained with her antics!

Higgy Border

Higgins, a pure breed Silver Sable Pomeranian was rescued from a high kill Inland Empire shelter where he had ended up as a stray, is now living an amazing life in Montana and commuting to Newport Beach with his designer Mum when she comes back to Orange County on business.

Calvin Border

Calvin, a pure breed black Pomeranian was rescued from the Riverside shelter,where he had been abandoned in the night drop box by his former Owner, has joined Higgins diving his time living in Montana on an amazing ranch and commuting to Newport Beach, CA  with his Mum when she comes back to Orange County for business!

Whitney Border

Whitney, a  designer breed Yoranian (Yorkie X Pomeranian blend) was rescued from a high kill Inland Empire shelter where she had ended up as a stray.  This shy little girl is very loving and won the heart of a wonderful young couple in LA, where she now lives happily listening to her Pianist Pet Parent who plays classical music to her daily!

Sienna Border

Sienna, a pure breed red sable Pomeranian, now renamed Kona, was rescued from a high kill Inland Empire shelter and is now happily living in Irvine, CA with a couple who absolutely adore her.


Bardoe, a designer Pominese (Pemeranian X Pekingese Blend) was rescued from the Riverside shelter where he had ended up as a stray.  This happy-go-lucky boy who was super affectionate was quickly adopted by a super couple in LA who wanted a companion to their Cheek (Chihuahua X Pekingese blend) they had adopted from the shelter a year earlier.  They are all now one very happy family!


Major, a pure breed Pekingese, rescued from a high kill Inland Empire shelter is in a wonderful Pekingese-centric home in Anaheim where he is being showered with love and affection by his work-from-home Mom!


Benelli, a 6-lbs Chihuahua was rescued from the Carson shelter where he had been turned in by his former Owners for no reason other than they no longer had time for him.  Benelli has immigrated to Canada and is cherished by his new family whom he delights with his playful and loving nature.


Harley, a 5-lbs Chihuahua was rescued from the Carson Shelter, where she had been surrender by her previous Owners for “being too small”.  She was adopted by a chihuahua aficionado who treasures her diminutive size and has immigrated to Canada, where her new Mum knits her own clothing line for her to keep her warm!


Barney, a senior Beagle was rescued from a local Riverside County shelter where he had ended up as a stray.  No-one claimed him and had a limited chance of being adopted due to his age, which was estimated at 8 to 10 years.  We found out from a microchip implant that he is actually closer to 13 years of age!   Due to his wonderful gentle personality his foster Dad decided to make him a permanent member of his family!

Nyah Border

Nyah, a 2.9-lbs Long-Haired Chihuahua found herself in a high kill Inland Empire shelter through no fault of her own.  This feisty, lovable red-haired little girl won the hearts of whomever she came in to contact with and quickly found herself an amazing home with another OCPH Alumni, Newman (renamed Kobe) and is now living a pampered life in Mission Viejo!

JP Border

Jean-Phillippe, JP to his friends, was rescued from the Castaic Shelter where he had been surrendered by his former Owners for no reason.  This lovable, active and super-smart Papillion boy was quickly scooped up by a wonderful lady and he is now living in Costa Mesa CA where his active needs are being met!


Whisper, a Chorkie (Chihuahua X Yorkie blend) was rescued from a Craigslist advert, where she was being given away for free.  When she was picked up by one of our Volunteers she had cigarette burns to the back of her neck.  Even though her early life was rough, she quickly recovered and has the most loving and forgiving  personality ever.  This sensitive little girl was adopted by a retired couple whose daughter has one of our Alumni, Jack Sparrow, already in her family.  Whisper is already adored and will never want for anything!  She will make her permanent home in Tennessee and commute to LA on holidays!

Sunny Border

Sunny, a Phalene (a Papillion with dropped ears) is now renamed Sammy.  He was rescued from the Castaic shelter and is now happily living with an amazing retired couple in Ventura, CA who just dote on this goofy boy.  He is enjoying walks by the seaside and pet-parents that see to his every need!

 Blizzard, a pure bred American Eskimo Dog born 4/4/11 was surrendered to our rescue by his Owners who were overwhelmed with their work and home schedule after the addition of a new baby.   He has now been adopted by an active family from Cypress, CA who will be taking Blizzard hiking, to work and on trips with them!

Honey Border

Honey, a 7-lbs, spayed female Chihuahua was rescued from a high-kill LA City shelter, where she ended up through no fault of her own.  Due to her loving and affectionate personality she was adopted by her foster home and now lives very happily in Orange.

Gingersnap, a 4 year old, 4.4-lbs pure breed Chihuahua found herself abandoned and in a LA City shelter, where she waited for nearly a month for her new home.  She was overlooked due to a previous injury to her right paw, which left it at a right angle.  Due to its age nothing could be done to correct it but she has learned to compensate and still motors around without any issue!  Her new Mum was able to overlook her disability and has given her a loving furever home in Alberta, Canada with her other three small breed doggies. 

Queenie, a 6 year old, slightly over-weight retired Show Pom had hit upon hard times….and  found herself on Craigslist being given away by her previous Owners.  We rescued her for a grand total of $33.33 so she did not end up in a bad situation.  Queenie had three rotten teeth removed, and had two fox tails taken out of her paws where they had embedded and became infected.  Her chubbiness was hypothyroidism, so she was placed on medication.  Her royal demeanor and quirkiness soon stole the hearts of a wonderful couple who invited her in to their home and lives.  She now has a fur-brother Reggie and will live a wonderful life never having to worry about anything ever again.

Lucy, a 4.4-lbs, 10 year old little Chihuahua ended up at a rural Riverside County shelter as a stray and pregnant.  The very compassionate Aimal Control Officer took her home with her and kept her safe until she delivered but her two pups were born dead.  She was returned to the shelter to await her fate.  Being older and black, with grey hairs, her chances were slim.  Thankfully she had a guardian angel and a previous OCPH Adopter stepped forward and offered her a furever home, not caring about her grey hairs or age!

Yoshi, a Lhasa Poo (from our best guess) is now named Dex, was found wandering the streets of Santa Ana and brought to our Veterinary clinic covered in ticks and fleas and heavily matted.  After 30 days without anyone claiming him he was surrendered to our rescue.  With some wonderful nursing by his Foster Mum he was quickly seen for the handsome, lovable dog he is and was adopted by a fabulous family in Tustin.

Liberty, a purebred 11-lbs, 3-year old spayed female Pomeranian rescued from the Carson Shelter, where she ended up as a stray just before Independence Day is now happily living in Anaheim with a wonderful retired couple who just adore her and is now a Service Dog to her Owner!

AVERY was rescued from the Carson Shelter where he was dropped off by his previous Owners who no longer wanted to care for him as they had a new baby. He is now happily living with his new Owners in Yorba Linda!

Cali, a 6-year old Black & Tan pure breed Pomeranian has found her furever home with a wonderful lady who will be taking this little Diva with her everywhere.  Cali will be working as her Service Dog and will be adored for the precious, unique little girl she is – and we are so happy for her!

Shiloh, a 6-lbs, spayed female blue merle pure-breed Chihuahua was surrendered to our rescue when her Breeder experienced some serious health issues and could no longer take care of her breeding pack.  We took in  Shiloh, her Brother Newman and her Mother Mimi (both who have already been placed).  Shiloh had experienced trauma to her eye at 5-weeks, which could not be saved, but this disability does not slow her down in any way.  Shiloh went to live with a previous OCPH Adopter and with her charming personality, blended in so perfectly with the pack and family she found herself a permanent home in Fullerton, CA!

Gigi, renamed to Sugar, is a 10-lbs Miniature Poodle who found herself in a Riverside County shelter system through no fault of her own, after she was picked up as a stray. No-one came to claim her and with her sweet, loving personality she won us over so we took her in to our rescue.  Gigi is now living happily in San Diego with a wonderful couple who have years of prior Poodle experience.

Lacey, our little 8-lbs spayed female Maltese whom we rescued after ending up in a rural Riverside County shelter as a stray has been adopted by a wonderful lady in Newport Beach, where she spends her days as a companion to her and her new fur-brother Bentley the Cavalier!   

Onslow, a little 8-lbs, 6-month old Chi-Weenie puppy who was abandoned when his previous Owner threw him out of his vehicle with three other small breed dogs on an industrial estate in the Inland Empire, is now in his furever home in Fountain Valley, CA.  His new Pet Mum has all sorts of great adventures arranged for him as he joins his new family for a lake trip as his first adventure. 

Wembley,  now known as Cheech now is happily living in Anaheim hills with a Pet Parent who absolutely adores him and a fur-Sister that is a carbon copy !!  What a great ending after arriving at the Kern County shelter in a horrendous matted mess and not even looking like a dog!

Wembley Cheech’s Video

Ryder, a four year old Pomeranian, was surrendered to our rescue due to his Owner’s deteriorating health.  We had a wonderful foster family in Encinitas step forward so we were able to take him straight away.  He settled straight in to his new home and fur-Brother Gus, became fast friends.  Ryder spends his time with trips to the river, lots of walkies and enjoying life!

Alberto (Bertie to his pals) was rescued from a local rural Riverside county shelter where he ended up as a stray.  He spent over a month at the shelter with little hope of being adopted and had lost a lot of weight and was getting sick due to stress.  We rescued him when his time at the shelter came up and he spent six months with us in our rescue before finding his furever match as a companion to Lily, another rescued shelter dog.  Bertie now happily lives in Mission Viejo, CA with a wonderful couple who just adore his handsome good looks!

Tucker, an 18-month old Yorkie X Schnauzer mix came to us after being abandoned by his previous Owners.   Tucker stayed with us for about six months before finding his furever home with another OCPH Alumni member in a fantastic home in Santa Ana, CA.  During the time he was in our rescue his Foster Mum took him through Basic Obedience, which he aced with flying colours.

Cleo, a 4 year old, 8-lbs spayed female Chihuahua was rescued from a small, rural Riverside Shelter where she had ended up as a “stray”.  Cleo won the hearts of the Volunteers and the ACO’s with her affectionate and loving personality at the shelter and they asked us to take her in to our rescue.  Cleo won the heart of her foster Mum and was adopted and is now happily living in Garden Grove, CA!

Bobby was surrendered to our rescue after his previous Owner experienced a number of life-altering situations, one of which was losing his home.  Bobby was lucky to have a foster step forward so we were able to take him in to our rescue.  Due to Bob’s happy, loving disposition he was adopted by his foster parents and is now living happily in Yorba Linda, CA

Jude ended up at the high kill Carson shelter after his Owner died and had made no provisions for him.  He became very sick and was placed on the euthanasia list.  We took him in to our rescue, where he waited for just over a year for his adoptive parents to come through.  During that time he graduated Intermediate Obedience and Clicks for Tricks.  Jude is now happily living in Yorba Linda, CA

Petey, a 9.5-lbs Taco Terrier who  found running on the streets and was never successfully reunited with his original Owners is now in his furever home, which he shares with two other dogs!  His Pet Parent is a professional Dog Trainer so Petey will no doubt end up with some impressive tricks on his resume!

Mimi, a 5-lbs AKC Chihuahua found her furever home as a companion to a 13-year old fellow Chihuahua and her new Pet Parent due to her loving personality!  Mimi is now happily living in El Segundo, CA

Newman, a 5-lbs AKC Chihuahua (Mimi’s son)  found his perfect furever home with a professional couple and has an up-market address in Mission Viejo, CA!  Who could have resisted this little Guy’s laid back, loveable personality?