Our Mission & Philosphy

OCPoundHounds focus is to rescue Small, Toy-sized dogs (primarily Pomeranians, Papillons, Toy Hairless breeds such as Chinese Crested, Xolo’s PIO’s, and Japanese Chins) from local Southern California  “High Kill” shelters, or from commercial breeding operations.  The dogs we rescue are primarily those whom have been placed on the euthanasia lists for medical issues, cruelty and/or neglect cases, seniors, or just because the shelter is over-crowded and has to make space for incoming dogs.

Once we commit to rescuing a dog  we evaluate and focus on socialization, positive reinforcement behaviour training  (NOT compulsion Cesar Milan / military (prong and/or choke collars) but  training as advocated by kikopet.com, Victoria Stillwell, Patricia McConnell and Ian Dunbar.  We meet all the veterinary needs of the rescued dog while in our care.  We strongly advocate blood titering, versus arbitrarily vaccinating, and in core vaccination only,  after titering shows a need for re-vaccination.  If the potential Adopter believes in vaccinating annually and in such vaccines a Bordetella, Lyme Disease etc., and does not do due diligence to research as to why a Veterinarian would recommend such vaccines, then we are NOT the right rescue for you from which to consider adopting.   We also support raw and home cooked diets versus kibble and veterinary-prescribed diets.  The Veterinarians we believe are advocating for the health of the dog are Dr. Jean Dodds and Dr. Karen Becker.  We keep a dog in our rescue organization for as long as it takes for us to make the right placement match between the dog and the adoptive pet parents.  We do not place a dog on a first come, first served basis, but on who can provide the best home for our rescued dogs.

The adoption fee which is asked for a rescued OCPoundHound, any cash and gift donations are 100% tax deductible.  This is  used 100% for veterinary care, shelter “pull” fees (we have to pay for the dogs, even if they are on the euthanasia list) and community spay/neuters.

A dog’s veterinary care can range from spay and/or neuter,  dentals, vaccinations, micro-chipping, shelter fees and other medical  needs to care for minor illnesses such as kennel cough, demodex mange to more costly illnesses such as  parvo, distemper, and injuries which need extensive and  multiple veterinary visits.  Some of our rescued dogs coming out of the shelter system need hundreds, even thousands of dollars worth of veterinary care to make them adoptable.  100% of the Adoption Donation requested is used for our rescue’s medical needs.  Some need less care and others are more medically-involved but every penny goes to the dogs’ veterinary care.

OCPoundHounds Small Breed Dog Rescue is a licensed, non-profit charitable organization, that has been recognized as both a California and Federal  501(c)3 .  We are proudly listed on GuideStar.org.

We are an all-Volunteer run, foster-based organization with no paid Members and no centralized facility.  We rely 100% on foster homes offered by caring dog lovers within their private homes .  We have been rescuing small breed dogs in Southern California since 2005 and have been in rescue for over 11 years.

Owner Surrendered dogs, are occasionally accepted, and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and dependent on having a foster home available.  We believe owning a dog is a life-long commitment, but there are always extenuating circumstances.  Taking an Owner Surrendered dog means a Shelter Dog has to give his or her life.