Current Adoptable Poundhounds (Dogs)

We require that you are 25 years or older to adopt one of our Rescue dogs.  To request a Meet & Greet with a potential new member for your Family, please download and complete the Adoption Application Form below as the first step in our process and scan and e-mail the completed form back to

If you would like to meet one of our available dogs, please complete an Adoption Application (by printing off the form and filling it out) and return it to us for approval.  A private Meet & Greet will be arranged, should your application be approved.

Promise Border

Promise is a darling 7 years young, 6.5-lbs spayed female Pomeranian who just likes to melt in your arms when you hold her!  She gets along well with other small breed dogs, more as tolerating them versus being a companion, and is cautious of cats.  Promise will need some rehabilitation to continue her integration in to a home environment.  She has spent the last years in a commercial breeding operation so she needs to continue her education as far as walking on-leash, house manners (which she is doing well in this area) and the general noises, sounds and smells of a home environment.   A home with a securely fenced garden is essential. Promise would do well in a quieter, zen-like adult home.  Another dog is not necessary in the home as she would relish an exclusive one-on-one relationship.

Framed Cheeto

Cheeto Suave is a 4.5 year old, 2.9-lbs, Long Haired Chihuahua.  he is neutered, appropriately vaccinated and micro-chipped.  Cheeto is best placed in an adult only home, with no large breed dogs or small children, due to his diminutive size.  Cheeto is a “take everywhere” dog.  He walks beautifully on leash, travels well in the car and crates for unsupervised times.  He is a barker purely to alert.  His favourite past times are sunbathing and playing fetch with his soft toys.  Cheeto is tolerant of cats…..He would be quite happy being an Only Dog so he can have all the attention lavished on him.


Mocha Professional

Mocha is a darling 5 year old, 6.5-lbs spayed female Chocolate Pomeranian, who is just luscious.  She has a plush, enormous coat that will need weekly grooming to keep manageable.  Mocha is very friendly and loving and would be best in an adult only home, or a home with teenage children.  We doubt she will have any issues with cats.  She gets along well with other small breed dogs, but is people-orientated versus dog-orientated so would be fine as an only dog.  Mocha crates well for sleeping, travels beautifully in the car and is a “take your dog to work” candidate.