Current Adoptable Poundhounds (Dogs)

We require that you are 25 years or older to adopt one of our Rescue dogs.  To request a Meet & Greet with a potential new member for your Family, please download and complete the Adoption Application Form below as the first step in our process and scan and e-mail the completed form back to

If you would like to meet one of our available dogs, please complete an Adoption Application (by printing off the form and filling it out) and return it to us for approval.  A private Meet & Greet will be arranged, should your application be approved.

Framed Cheeto

Cheeto Suave is a 3 to 4 year old, 2.9-lbs, Long Haired Chihuahua.  he is neutered, appropriately vaccinated and micro-chipped.  Cheeto is best placed in an adult only home with no large breed dogs, due to his diminutive size.  Cheeto is a “take everywhere” dog.  He walks beautifully on leash, travels well in the car and crates for unsupervised times.  He is a barker purely to alert.  His favourite past times are sunbathing and playing fetch with his soft toys.  Cheeto is tolerant of cats…..He would be quite happy being an Only Dog so he can have all the attention lavished on him.

Sterling Professional

Sterling is a 5.5-year old, 6.5-lbs  pure bred, neutered Lavender Pomeranian.  He is a wonderful little boy, but needs an experienced Pomeranian owner who can continue his socialization.  His coat grows in a sort of natural lion cut, due to the fact he has CDA (Colour-Dilution Alopecia).  Sterling is best in an adult only home.  He gets along well with other small breed dogs, and has learned how to play with other dogs but is still oblivious to toys …. Sterling is a happy boy overall and lives in his own world of happiness.  He is guaranteed to make you laugh with his bouncy hops as he bounds around the garden just enjoying life but will also make you tear out your hair by running away from you whenever you need to pick him up!  Sterling crates well for travel and when not being supervised, and is learning to walk (well, hop more like) on leash.  His house manners are about 90%…..he does try but sometimes forgets…….

Mocha Professional

Mocha is a darling 5 year old, 6.5-lbs spayed female Chocolate Pomeranian who is just luscious.  She has a plush, enormous coat that will need weekly grooming to keep manageable.  Mocha is very friendly and loving and would be best in an adult only home, or a home with teenage children.  We doubt she will have any issues with cats.  She gets along well with other small breed dogs, but is people-orientated versus dog-orientated so would be fine as an only dog.  Mocha crates well for sleeping, travels beautifully in the car and is a “take your dog to work” candidate.

Stevie Rae

Stevie Rae is a 54-lbs Golden Retriever blend who was found as a “stray” and taken to an Inland Empire shelter to wait to see if an Owner would claim her.  No-one came for Stevie Rae, who weighed at the time a mere 23-lbs.  She was, and is, also blind.  When taken to our Veterinarian for evaluation, she was found to be diabetic (hence her loss of sight and lack of any body fat).  We immediately started working on regulating her insulin, and taking care of her veterinary needs.  All her blood work came back stellar, so once she was at a safe weight, she was spayed. Stevie-Rae is low-energy, and just wants to be a lap dog and “hang out” but also walks 3 miles a day with her current foster Mum – and really enjoys her walkies!   She navigates around her foster home without any issue and takes care of business outside.  Stevie’s house manners are excellent.   She loves to go for car rides, walkies and trips to the sea side.  Stevie Rae takes insulin twice a day.  The monthly cost for the insulin and needles is around $45.

Framed Mimi

Mimi is a 5 to 6 year old, 3.2-lbs pure bred Chihuahua who claims Diva status.  She has won a number of Chihuahua Beauty Contests held by Justin Rudd, with not only her beauty,  but also her tricks such as “play dead”, “army crawl” etc..  Hard to beat a girl with beauty and brains, right?  Mimi has a very low tolerance for not getting her own way so she needs an Owner who puts in boundaries otherwise she will throw a tantrum.  What she wants is to be in someone’s arms or on their lap 24 x 7.  Did we mention she is High Maintenance?  Mimi would like to be an Only Dog.  She will tolerate cats.  No large breed dogs or children, please as she is too delicate and too unpredictable (she will bite).

Framed Roux

Roux is a 3 to 4 year old, 11.5-lbs clear Orange Pomeranian who looks as if he is masquerading as a Fox!  Roux is a submissive boy and wants to please….He knows his basic commands and will work for food – he is highly, highly food motivated!   He is a bit nervous so need a solid routine type of environment, where he can continue to work on his confidence.  Roux likes to hang out on the cushions on the back of the couch, but is also ready to go on a hike.  He is a great size for hiking or walking.  He travels well in the car, crates at night for bed and unsupervised times during the day and walks very nicely on leash.  Roux is best placed in a home with someone who works from a home office, or is gone from the home no longer than 4 hours, a semi-retired or retired person or couple or a family with older, respectful children (14+).  Roux is excitable around cats, and is better placed in a home without them.  He loves his soft toys! #pomzilla #megapom #pomeranian

Framed Jolie

Jolie is a 2 and a half year old, spayed female pure breed French Bulldog who weighs in at a solid 17-lbs.  She is all energy and has the typical comedic Frenchie personality.  Jolie is like the obnoxious guy in the bar who won’t take “no” for an answer when she wants something, especially playing with other dogs.  She just does not stop .  She is best placed in a home with another young dog of a similar breed with whom she can wrestle and play with that has the similar size and energy.  At this time she is regrowing her coat, after having a secondary bacterial skin infection from severe flea dermatitis.   Apart from the hair loss she is totally healthy.  #frogdog #Frenchie #French Bulldog #adoptfrenchie

Framed KayDee

KayDee was surrendered to our rescue after one of our Volunteers saw her being given away for free on Craigslist as her previous Owners were moving, and the Volunteer was worried for KayDee’s safety.  KayDee’s Owners agreed to surrender her to our rescue.  KayDee is around 11 years old, and therefore as a senior, has had a full veterinary work up.  Her blood work and urinalysis came back stellar and she received an A+ clean bill of health. While at the Vet’s she had a very much needed dental and had four extractions. Slightly underweight at 5.5-lbs, as it was probably painful for her to eat, she is now enjoying her home made meals that are being served and will probably be around 6.5-lbs as an ideal weight.  KayDee is very loving, gets along well with other small breed dogs and likes to just hang out close by to her Foster Pet Parent.  She is low energy and loves to snooze or take a short cruise (supervised) around the garden.

Framed Tibby

Tibby is an absolutely delightful companion dog. She would be a wonderful addition to any home, with her laid back, quiet and loving personality. It takes her a little while to warm up but when she does she is quite happy to sit by the side of you when you work on the computer, or watch TV. She has a typical Tibetan personality…….Tibby is a spayed female who weighs a solid 16-lbs.  She is around 5 to 6 years of age, and has wonderful house manners. She sleeps on a pet bed next to her Foster Mama’s bed.  She barks to alert and is not a problem barker at all. Tibby loves her daily walkies, and would be ideal for a semi-retired / retired adult or couple, or a home with gentle children over the age of 10 years.  Tibby is fine with other dogs of her own size, although she would be fine as an only dog as she really does not interact with the other dogs in her foster home.  She is very tolerant of cats – basically ignoring them.

Framed Quincy

Meet Quincy…….This beautiful pure bred Standard Dachshund, weighing in at a buff 25-lbs is in need of a committed forever home! He’s around 6 years old (which is a nice doggie middle age), plays with toys (fetches and releases them), gets along well with other dogs, is fine with cats, has respectful house manners, crates for unattended times, walks on leash and is a total luvbug!  He would be a wonderful addition to a family with gentle children.

Framed Jessie Tri

Jessie is a petite 6.1-lbs,  pure breed Tri-coloured Pomeranian.  He is neutered, had a complete blood panel conducted, is appropriately vaccinated,  microchipped and has just had a nice refreshing dental.  Jessie is laid back, quiet (have not heard him bark to date) and would love a quieter, zen-like home.  He is currently brushing up on his house manners and leash walking,  as he came of of a long-tern hoarding situation. Jessie is very much in to car rides, being pushed in his stroller for coffee klatch mornings and will take any chance possible to give kisses.  No large breed dogs or small children, please.