Current Adoptable Poundhounds (Dogs)

We require that you are 25 years or older to adopt one of our Rescue dogs.  To request a Meet & Greet with a potential new member for your Family, please download and complete the Adoption Application Form below as the first step in our process and scan and e-mail the completed form back to

If you would like to meet one of our available dogs, please complete an Adoption Application (by printing off the form and filling it out) and return it to us for approval.  A private Meet & Greet will be arranged if your application is approved.


Niles was rescued from a high kill LA County shelter where he ended up through no fault of his own.  Even though he had a microchip and his previous Owners were contacted they never came to collect him.  so we took him in to our rescue.  He has turned out to be an absolute delight due to his loving, pleasing nature to women but can be somewhat selective with whom he likes as far as men initially.  Niles is around 3 years old, weighs approximately 6.5-lbs and is a neutered male Heavy Orange Sable Pomeranian X Yorkie blend.  He loves other dogs and wants nothing more to do than play or give lots of cuddles to his Pet Parent.  He is best placed in a home with another small breed dog.  We suspect he will get along with cats just fine as he is a submissive little boy.  Due to his diminutive size no large breed dogs or small children, please.  Niles is going outside to take care of business.  He crates well, walks nicely on leash and is a great, portable little companion.

Niles The Yoranian

Nile’s Second Video

Niles & His Gang

Niles In The Garden

Sterling Professional

Sterling is a 3-year old, 6.5-lbs  pure bred neutered male Lavender Pomeranian.  He is a wonderful little boy but needs an experienced Pomeranian owner who can continue his socialization.  His coat is growing in nicely with some homeopathic treatments – he has CDA (colour dilution alopecia) so his coat grows in a sort of natural lion cut! Sterling is best in an adult only home.  He gets along well with other small breed dogs, and has learned how to play. Sterling is a happy boy overall and will make you laugh with his bouncy hops as he bounds around the garden just enjoying life!  Sterling crates well for travel and when not being supervised, and is learning to walk on leash.

Sterling’s Video




Maize is a pure bred clear Orange Pomeranian who was rescued from a high-kill LA County shelter where she had been turned in as a stray.  She had a large hernia, about the size of a softball that we found out was her uterus and a deceased puppy when our Vet spayed her and repaired the hernia.  At that time she was also given a nice refreshing dental.  Our Veterinarian has aged her at around 4 years of age.  Maize is very good in the house, crates well, enjoys rides in the car,  is not a barker and just likes to be by your side.  She is best suited to a home that is on the quieter side with a retired, semi-retired or work from home (at least part-time) couple, or single person. She is best suitable around teenagers (15+ Years) with prior small breed dog experience. Maize is not bothered about having another doggie companion in the household, and would be quite happy to have all the attention lavished on her, so she is an ideal “only” dog.  She will tolerate another small breed submissive male dog, but is a very dominant female and will assert herself as a leader.  As far as cats, Maize is not bothered by a dog-savvy cat who is confident and laid back.  Maize walks well on leash, is crate trained and is both pad and outdoor trained to take care of business.   Her energy-level is moderate to low.

Maize’s Video

Maize The Queen Bee

Maize The Queen Bee Again!


Bayou is a gorgeous pure bred Blue & Tan Pomeranian who weighs about 8-lbs and is 8 years young.  He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.  This little boy came in to our rescue after he was retired from a breeding programme.  He is very shy,  but is slowly leaning all about the world around him and needs a quiet, patient person to bring him out of his shell.  Bayou is missing the paw on his back right leg, so he cannot go for long walks but he adores being rolled around in his doggie stroller!  

Beautiful Bayou


Dusty’s Video

Dusty Relaxed In Foster Home

Dusty Playing

Dusty is a 2.5-year old, 9-lbs neutered male pure bred AKC Cream Sable Pomeranian.  This boy is on the larger size, but with all his big hair he looks bigger!  Dusty is happy and bouncy and is a joy to be around.  He is medium energy so he can go out for walkies (in a stroller as he does not walk on leash), yet can also chill out with you.  He needs someone who loves to groom his coat, which will need weekly maintenance.  Pomeranian’s coats should never be shaved, as it can cause the hair never to grow back (see Magnum’s photo).  A good Groomer will never consent to shaving a Pomeranian’s coat.  Dusty is crate trained, travels well in the car and is not a barker, except to alert.  He would be fine in a busy household with children over the age of 10+ years, who have previous small dog experience. He is very submissive with other dogs and we suspect he will be fine with cats, who no doubt will have the upper paw with him.  Dusty does not walk on leash, he is terrified, so he is a stroller or carry-style dog!

Mocha Professional

Mocha is a darling 5 year old, 6.5-lbs spayed female Chocolate Pomeranian who is just luscious.  She has a plush, enormous coat that will need weekly grooming to keep manageable.  Mocha is very friendly and loving and would be best in an adult only home, or a home with teenage children.  We doubt she will have any issues with cats.  She gets along well with other small breed dogs, but is people-orientated versus dog-orientated so would be fine as an only dog.  Mocha crates well for sleeping, travels beautifully in the car and has decent house manners.  


Sunkist is a darling 9.5-lbs 6+ year old female spayed Chihuahua who is amazing.  She is quiet, easy going and just loves to hang out.  Kissy gets along with all the other dogs in her foster home and we suspect she will not have an issue with cats either, although we have not cat tested her.  She travels beautifully in the car, walks nicely on leash and is crate trained.  Her foster home has had no issues with her in the area of house training.  Her energy is moderate-to-low level.  She would be an ideal companion for a work-from-home professional, semi-retired or retired household.  She goes outside to take care of business, but will also use a pad, if available.  Don’t miss out on this amazing little girl!

Sunkist The California Blonde Chihuahua

Sunkist Doing What She Does Best



Marnie Deux

Marnie is a darling, lovable Papillion blend whom was surrendered at an Inland Empire shelter by her previous Owners who stated they had no time for her.  She had been left to live in a cage outside after their other dog attacked her, causing her to lose her left eye.  Marnie is around 6 years old and weighs about 7-lbs.  She has fine, silky hair and wants nothing more than to lay on your lap or snuggle with you.  Although she is blind she gets around without any issue and takes care of her business outside.  She is very independent!  Marnie gets along well with other small breed dogs, and we suspect there will not be an issue with any other animals in the household, mainly due to her blindness, but her personality is so sweet she does not have a mean bone in her little body..  

Stevie Rae

Stevie Rae at the Seaside

Stevie Rae Feeling Fabulous

Stevie Rae is a 50-lbs Golden Retriever blend who was found as a “stray” and taken to an Inland Empire shelter to wait to see if an Owner would claim her.  No-one came for Stevie Rae who weighed at the time a mere 23-lbs.  She was also blind.  When taken to our Veterinarian for evaluation, she was found to be diabetic (hence her loss of sight and lack of any body fat).  We immediately started working on regulating her insulin and taking care of her veterinary needs.  All her blood work came back stellar, so once she was at a safe weight she was spayed.  Stevie-Rae is very low-energy and just wants to be a lap dog and “hang out”.  She navigates around her foster home without any issue and takes care of business outside.  She loves to go for car rides, walkies and trips to the sea side.  Stevie Rae takes insulin twice a day.  The monthly cost for the insulin and needles is around $45.