Violet’s Venture

Voilet (A0977452 rescued from the Riverside Shelter where she ended up after being transferred from an Emergency Services clinic) was so named due to the purple staining all over her fur.   She had been abandoned at the clinic by someone who said they had found her. In turn, the Emergency Clinic called Animal Services to remove her as there was no responsible party to pay for her medical costs. She had to go on a “stray hold” in case an Owner came looking for her but as soon as that was over we were able to transfer her over to our Veterinarian. We had no idea of the condition she was in until we actually opened her carrier at the veterinary office. We were all shocked by what we saw. The purple and yellow staining we believe are not involved in any way with her horrific injuries. Initially, our experienced Veterinarian thought acid burns as the skin is necrotic and is falling off her. After a full evaluation and x-rays we now believe she was attacked by a very large, powerfully jawed dog or coyote. For those who think we should have automatically thought of humane euthanasia, we did think of that fleetingly but her will to live is very strong. She endured her injuries with just mild antibiotics and pain medication for 5 days while at the shelter.  They did an amazing job of making sure her injuries did not get infected.  Violet is eating and drinking on her own, wants attention and she is alert. Therefore, we will do whatever we can to repair the extensive damage to her body. Our Veterinarian is going to use the mesh used for burn victims to support the skin in a hope it will initially mesh together – with time. With strong antibiotics and other medical support she will get all the emotional and nutritional support from us. If at any time she wants to give up the fight we will allow her to let us know but at the moment this little Pommie is a fighter.


December 22nd, 2012

Latest photo’s of Violet’s skin graft surgeries….  It has been a very slow process as she does not have the best veins and the new skin has to constantly be replaced as it dies the further away it is to the main blood supply.  Dr. Jones from ER4Pets has been amazing and has had some surgical mesh used for human burn patients donated to Violet.  The most difficult area to heal is over her shoulders as it is very difficult to immobilize to allow the skin graft to take….  




January 18th, 2013

Violet has been making slow, but steady improvement.  Dr. Jones and her staff designed a box for Violet to wear to keep her shoulders immobilized.  She is being fed by hand at this time.  Throughout all this ordeal, Violet has never one snapped or tried to bite…..She is an amazing little girl.


Violet Front View     

Violet Adorable