Stagg Pet Supplies, LLC

Agility Velvet is an easily assimilated supplement made with Deer Velvet specially formulated for all domestic pets, show animals, racing and working dogs.

It helps: rebuild joint cartilage, relieves stressed joint symptoms, increases muscle efficiency, lubricates the joints, improves circulation, promotes tissue healing, cell repair and support the bodies immune system.

Velvet Antler can be defined as “deer antlers during their phase of rapid growth”, and gets the name ‘Velvet’ from its soft, velvet-like covering.   No deer are harmed in its removal making it a renewable source.

The OCPoundhounds give a four-paws approval for the Deer Velvert Agility Manuka Soap .  It is a natural gently lathering, long lasting soap with added anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property ingredients.  Comes with a convenient chamois, soap holder and tamper proof packaging.

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