Joy Mason, DVM Animal Empath & Communicator

JOY earned her DVM at Kansas State University School of Veterinary Medicine and also holds an Asian Bodywork Therapist Certification from Five Branches University in Santa Cruz.

What is Animal Communication and What Can It Do For You?

Have you ever had a situation that upset, saddened, or excited you but had no one to share it with?  Well, imagine how your pet feels when they have these same feelings but cannot express them to you because of a communication barrier.  The result can be behavioral problems (from your viewpoint), illness, performance difficulties, and the list goes on.

Joy basically become a telephone between you and your pet; taking information from them and giving it to you.  This flow can be reversed from you to them as well.  The result is that you now KNOW what is bothering your pet, or you can be assured that there is no problem at all.  Both of your lives become enhanced by the communication and the renewed relationship, thus “opening the door to a new beginning.”

Joy can be reached at (831) 440-8683 to schedule a consultation.