2011 Alumni Members

Pilot, a year old Terri-Poo, was rescued from the Baldwin Park Shelter where he ended up on the euthanasia list due to shelter overcrowding.  He has been re-named Milou by his new family and is now happily living in Rancho Mirage, CA with two fabulous semi-retired pet-parents.

K-Roo , an mini-ACD (Australian Cattle Dog) was surrendered to our rescue.  She is now living very happily in Orange County in a cattle-dog centric home and will be learning competition frisbee in the near future.

Frisco, a double-masked Australian Cattle Dog was rescued after a Good Samaritan found him running loose and after following all the lost dog legal procedures surrendered him to our rescue.  He is now living happily in Norther California, after being placed in conjunction with Performance ResQ.

Halle Berry, a smooth-faced Australian Cattle Dog, rescued after she was on her way to being turned in to the Devore Shelter in San Bernardino by her former Owner.  She found her perfect home with an active semi-retiree in Orange, CA where she works with him in the role of jogging companion.

Shadow, rescued after being abandoned by her previous Owner, has been re-named Bella Marie, is now happily living in Placentia, where she has taken on the role of companion to two super, active, semi-retired ladies.

Rodney, or Rodders to his buddies, was rescued from the Baldwin Park shelter, where he was brought in as a stray.  Rodney is now happily living in Auburn CA, with a fabulous fur-brother, feline fur-sister and Pet Parents who enjoy is comical personality daily!

Parker, a Chorkie (Chihuahua X Yorkie Mix) was inducted in to our rescue after being abandoned at our PetSmart partner’s Banfield Clinic.  He is now happily living in Oceanside, CA with a fur-sister Bella and two doting Pet Parents and is loving life to the full!

Lil Ms. Angel was rescued from an Inland Empire Shelter in desperate need of a dental as she had Grade 4 Periodontal disease and on her way to being placed on the euthanasia list due to her age.  She is now happily living in Upland with two other little dogs, one also being a senior and one middle aged , with a Pet Parent who dotes on all three of her little fur-kids.

Emma, the Puggle was rescued from a high-kill Inland Empire shelter, under socialized and fearful.  With huge amounts of love and patience from her Foster Mum is now living very happily in South Lake Tahoe with a pack of five other dogs, with whom she gets on with famously!  Her Foster Mom (now Adoptive Mom) brought her out of her shell and gave her a new leash on life.

Huey, after being in rescue with us for 16-months, has found his ideal furever home!  After escaping euthanasia at the high-kill Kern County shelter, where he had been noted as exposed to parvo virus, he settled in to life in The OC taking Basic Obedience classes and being a perfect house guest in his foster home.  He became such an integral part at his foster home his request to become a core family member was approved with everyone!  Huey now lives the good life in Newport Beach, CA with his fur-brother Charlie.

China was rescued from a rural Riverside County high-kill shelter where she ended up as a stray.  She was immediately identified by her Adoptive Mum as a potential fur-friend for Chloe, a Standard Poodle, who was looking for a play mate.  The in-home adoption went so well she is now a fur-ever family member and is living happily in North Tustin with a great poodle-centric family!

Stella, an 18-month old Cavashon (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel X Bichon) was surrendered to our rescue after her Owners were unable to provide medical care for her injuries she sustained when hit by a car.  Our Veterinarian donated her skills to remove her eye and provide medical care.  Stella has found her furever home in Huntington Beach, CA with a wonderful retired couple.  Her loving, quiet, gentle personality won them over immediately and her disability of a missing eye and crooked jaw from a car accident was easily overlooked!

Rex, a 12-lbs pure-breed Miniature American Eskimo Dog,  had a rough start in life.  He was purchased from a pet shop, which obtains their puppies from a Mid-West puppy mill.  He then spend the first two years in a home, until he was given away as his Owner decided to start a family and no longer had time for him.  He then bounced in to two other homes until he was taken temporarily in to OCPoundhounds to keep him safe until a space opened up in his breed-specific rescue, Eskie Rescue United.  He is now waiting in an Eskie-centric foster home until he finds his furever home.

Brie, a 6-lbs pure white Chug (Chihuahua X Pug) Mix was rescued off the euthanasia list from the Moreno Valley Shelter.  She is now in her fur-ever home with her new fabulous Pet Parent who totally adores her girly-girl personality and will train Brie in to a Therapy Dog!

Harvey Jack Sparrow, a diminutive 6.5-lbs Terrier Mix was rescued from a high-kill LA City shelter where he ended up due to no fault of his own.  His foster Mum loved his spunky yet mindful personality and how he just made himself right at home with the other two dogs and four cats in the home!  Harvey Jack Sparrow fit in so well that he became a permanent fixture and is now living happily in San Pedro, CA!

Bracken, an 11-lbs Shibu-Inu blend, was rescued from a high kill LA City shelter, where he languished for two months and was in danger of being euthanized due to space.  He was rescued and fostered by Harvey Jack’s Foster Mum who found him a furever home with her parents in Tennessee.  He is now happily living in The South with Bayou, a rescued Cattle Dog as a furever fur-friend.

Liam, an 18 month old, 36-lbs Australian Cattle Dog, ended up a high kill LA City Shelter as a “stray” through no fault of his own.  We rescued him and he is now living happily with a great Cattle Dog savvy family in San Diego, CA.  Liam has already been camping and is a great buddy for his human siblings Donovan and Hope !

Piper, a 10-month old red Mini Australian Cattle Dog, was abandoned at a rural Riverside County shelter where we rescued her knowing Cattle Dogs are a breed that need experienced Owners.  She is now happily living in San Diego, CA with a great Cattle Dog savvy semi-retired couple to lavish attention on her!

DeeDee, a pure bred Miniature Pincher was abandoned at our PetSmart partner’s Banfield Veterinary Clinic at just 7 weeks of age.  She is now happily living in Yorba Linda with an experienced Min Pin family!  Her best friend is the Siamese cat and she is showered with affection by her human family!

Blossom, the Chi-Weenie, was rescued from a high-kill San Bernardino County shelter when she was just 3 1/2 months old.  It took her 6-months to find her furever home but it appeared when Ozzie and Zeke, two Doxie mixes wanted a fur-sister to join their pack in their Beaumont, CA home.  Blossom is now happily settled in to the pack and loving life!

Picasso, a Frenchie Mix, was rescued from a small, rural, Riverside County shelter where limited space available to keep dogs for long meant he was being reviewed for the euthanasia list.  He is now living in Oceanside, in a fabulous Frenchie-centric home with a wonderful garden and three Frenchie fur-sisters, Bubbles, Bertha and Sophie!

Darla, a Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican Hairless) blend was rescued (along with her two Brothers Hugo Milton Reyes and Dante) from a Riverside County shelter at just 7 weeks old.  She has been happily adopted in to a Xolo-centric home in LA and is being spoiled and doted on by her Pet Parents!

Dante, a Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican Hairless) blend was rescued from the Riverside shelter where he ended up with his brothers and sisters at just 7 weeks of age.  His dazzling good looks immediately drew an interest from two Xolo aficionados and he was quickly adopted in to a Xolo-centric family and is living it large in Shadow Hills, CA.

Pebbles, our Bugg (Boston Terrier X Pug) blend whom we rescued from the Harbour Shelter in LA,  is now happily living in her furever home in Foothill Ranch with a doting Pet Parent and a feline fur-sister.

Honey Terrier

Honey, a Border Terrier blend, who was rescued by a Good Samaritan who found her abandoned in an Inland Empire subdivision along with her litter mates, one that had already been hit by a car, is now living in her fur-ever home ,with a fur-sister rescue Pomeranian,  in Huntington Beach, CA.

Huck, an Owner Surrendered red merle Australian Cattle Dog (Queensland Heeler) is living with a great couple in North Tustin, where he will be kept busy with plenty of hiking, camping and training for Agility work!

Huck In His New Home

Hugo “Milton” Reyes is now in his furever home with a menagerie of other creatures he can call brothers and sisters.  He is already enrolled in training classes to assess him as a potential service dog!  Not bad from being abandoned in a cardboard box along with his other 9 litter mates and slated for immediate euthanasia thinking he had a severe case of demodex mange, when an observant shelter worker recognized him as a Xolo!

Red (re-named Jack by his Adoptive Parents) was rescued from a rural Riverside County shelter where he ended up as a “stray” with coyote bite wounds to his back and neck.  After he recovered from his attack he was placed in to a foster-to-adopt situation to see how he would fit in with his two new fur-siblings!  He aced his foster trial and is now a permanent family member living in Valencia, CA!

Sadie, a Corgi X Pekinese blend was rescued from a local rural Riverside shelter where she ended up through no fault of her own.  This gentle darling girl quickly won the hearts of a family in Los Angeles and she is now happily living  in her furever home with Sugar, a rescued Golden Retriever .